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Welcome to the DAYZ [NoBS] Clan
We are currently recruiting members. To apply, Talk to the clan leader [NoBS] Phoenix . If he is unavailable, you can talk to [NoBS] BluBlood or [NoBS] Shumski

Clan Recruiting :
Our clan is currently recruiting . We previously were known as [-->] DFW/Arrow clan.
Our clan will allow up to 32 Active players in the clan with 10 Semi-Active players 

In order to compete with us in the UF Tournaments you must:

-Be mature (Our clan does not allow ragers/immautrity. 
-Understand basic game plans that are arranged during clan practices
-Must have TS
-We do allow people under the age of 18 in the clan as long as you can meet the above requirements, Failure to do so will result in a warning and then immediate ban from the clan

Our History :

We were the 3x leading champions of Urgent Fury: Black and 4th place winners in the Frostfire(Risk Style) Tournaments on www.urgentfury.com
Our clan is very competitive and will continue to fight in upcoming UF tournaments

Join our teamspeak :  us11.voice.ihostinghq.com:5861
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